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Why I Chose Dropbox Despite All the Privacy Scandals

After evaluating a ton of cloud storage providers, I settled with Dropbox. Read why.

Quickly Look Up Meanings with Your Fingers using Graspp

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How I Finally Started Listening to Podcasts Every Day

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Why Medium is Not the Home for Your Ideas

Building a blog for the long run? Avoid Medium. This is why.

Why I Ditched Adobe Lightroom for Pixelmator Pro

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How I Grab Fantastic Screenshots with CleanShot X

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2 Weeks of HEY and I’m Never Going Back to Ordinary Email

I was one of the early adopters of HEY and it seems like I’ll stick to it for the long run.

Moving back to WordPress

My formal blogging journey began with WordPress. 12 years and numerous blogging software later, I’m back to WordPress.